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Spot Trading System

It supports financial system, risk control system and centralized wallets. It supports all mainstream coins and their tokens, provides supporting background audit and operation CMS system, as well as rapid and stable system deployment and delivery.

Liquidity Aggregation System

The system provides better liquidity and depth of transaction, helping exchanges, brokers and institutional investors reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Contract Trading System

The system provides customers with highly secure and reliable system for financial contract trading via advanced technologies such as microservices distributed deployment, proprietary E-Trading System, and self-developed MDB (memory database).

Leveraged Trading System

Its spot leveraged trading system with bidding trading mechanism shares the depth of positions with spot transactions, providing users with short-term lending for supporting the capital turnover. Its risk prevention mechanisms guarantee a platform free from losse.




Build Your Exchange

The deployment method is free to choose, and the functional modules can be matched at will to help you build a more distinctive and targeted exchange system. With the help of a proprietary trading engine, integration tools and the latest market data, developers can create, test and Launch strategy.


Empower Liquidity of your Exchange

Provide professional liquidity quantification, multiple liquidity strategies, intelligent risk control early warning and other products and services, which can achieve event-driven millisecond-level response, provide liquidity for the majority of exchanges, increase order depth, and achieve dual benefits of operational value and asset value. 


Develop Your Wallet Software

Focus on the development of blockchain wallet technology, help project solutions, exchanges, online stores, physical enterprises, blockchain small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. to quickly build wallets, and create a complete blockchain ecosystem.




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