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Spot Trading System

Bidding trading mechanism, Centralized wallets, Multiple market divisions support, Transactions in all currencies, Safe and efficient front-end and back-end management and operation mechanism.


High-Performance Matching Engine

Memory matching, 50,000 + TPS per transaction pair

System Security Guarantee

Fund risk control system, Abnormal behavior monitoring, User KYC system.

Automatic Background Management

It automatically loads currencies and automatically audits conditional cash withdrawal.


It is used to raise funds for and issue new projects. Users can use this function to snap up the tokens corresponding to their favorite projects.

Referral System

The more users are introduced to the platform, the greater the transaction volume of the introduced will be, and the higher the reward the introducer can get; the system records the relationship between the introducer and the introduced with the invitation code.

Product Advantages

High-Performance Matching Engine

Asynchronous matching mechanism, with 50,000 orders matched per second. Memory-level making engines can be compared with financial transaction systems. Engine clustering efficiently eliminates deadlocking and hang up.

Risk Control&Security

It provides over 30 defense mechanisms such as independent risk control system, behavior monitoring, cash withdrawal audit, fund traceability, withdrawal T + 1, strict signature of each fund flow, three-layer wallet system, DDoS Defense, flow cleaning etc. to fully guarantee fund security.

Sharing Liquidity & Trading Depth

It enables automatic coin listing, with sufficient data of depths of over 300 exchanges and K-lines, etc.

Independent Accounting system

Independent account system supports data statistics and export, and supports private deployment, realizing seamless transition.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Domain names/logos/writings are ready to be online at any time. The customized exchange skin/advertising operation position, announcement/article publishing, and APP automatic packaging are available.



Whether you are an exchange operator, asset manager, broker-dealer, token issuer or custodian, choose Arbidge to provide highly liquid and secure services and conduct business transactions in the most efficient manner.

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