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Leveraged Trading System

Its spot leveraged trading system with bidding trading mechanism shares the depth of positions with spot transactions, providing users with short-term lending for supporting the capital turnover. Its risk prevention mechanisms guarantee a platform free from losse


Leveraged Lending

Users can allocate excess assets by platform lending up to 5 times the leverage.

Professional Transaction

It provides third-party and customized K-lines, technical analysis and drawing tools, supports strategy orders and contingent orders, and supports API.

Limit Order

It is convenient for clients to connect with market makers, attracts third parties to provide depth and arbitrage, and also meets the trading needs of professional investors, and assists in placing orders.

Lending Audit

Each lending will be audited by the system, and users with high leverage and heavy loss will be reminded in time, and positions will be liquidated if necessary.

Product Advantages

High-performance Matching Engines

It enables memory matching, with over 50,000 tps for each trading pair, and shares depth with spot transactions.

Strong Financial Support

The platform provides users with free lending capital turnover for cloud service clients to reduce operational risks.

Capital Security Guaranteed

The scientific capital risk control mechanism performs forced liquidation when the risk rate is too high, to ensure “0” loss of the platform.

Diversified Customized Configuration

Lending limit, leverage multiple, deposit and withdrawal frequency and limit restriction can be customized.



Whether you are an exchange operator, asset manager, broker-dealer, token issuer or custodian, choose Arbidge to provide highly liquid and secure services and conduct business transactions in the most efficient manner.

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