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Liquidity Aggregation System

The system provides better liquidity and depth of transaction, helping exchanges, brokers and institutional investors reduce costs and increase efficiency


Multiple Trading Types

We provide solutions for spot/contract/option/ETF liquidity

Liquidity mechanism

Applicable for multi-scene liquidity mechanism

Operational tools

Various operating tools to help exchanges' risk control

Specialized connection method

Connection solutions tailored for different systems

Product Advantages

Low cost and high performance

We open trading of 200+ mainstream and popular currency pairs with connection to 100+ public chains; provide tiered trading rates; reduce development work and capital management/use costs for customers.

Pioneer in digital currency liquidity

China's first digital currency liquidity solution provider, providing connection to 300 exchanges and lowest trading fee across the industry

Financial-level security mechanism

We rely on ChainUp security services to ensure system security. Our professional network architecture for investment and trading of forex, securities and futures and abnormality handling mechanisms can ensure security and stability of liquidity services.

Experienced and professional

Our liquidity team consists of professionals with rich experience in traditional financial industries such as foreign exchange, securities and futures

Trusted service

We provide 24/7 operation and maintenance support, including maintenance and monitoring of system security and performance, real-time response to any online problems, and high-end 1-to-1 customized services



Whether you are an exchange operator, asset manager, broker-dealer, token issuer or custodian, choose Arbidge to provide highly liquid and secure services and conduct business transactions in the most efficient manner.

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